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Deans QA Jim Bryan, SMU Cox

Deans QA: Jim Bryan, SMU Cox by: Gregory Yang on August 31, 2018 | 0 Comments Comments 421 Views August 31, 2018Southern Methodist University. Courtesy photoOne of the biggest changes Jim Bryan, associate dean of the BBA program at Southern Methodist University’s Cox School of Business, has seen in undergraduate business education is the explosion of student interest in entrepreneurship and startup culture.That change has spurred a new way of teaching and innovation at Cox.â€Å"Students today are so much more a part of the ‘startup’ culture than ever before,† Bryan tells PQ for Undergrads. â€Å"Our faculty used to teach entrepreneurship like a skill that students might need to have later in their careers. Now they are actively working with students on their current projects. The synergy is fun to watch. While the professor-student relationship is still very much intact, it is evolving into more of a partnership where faculty take great pride in stud ents’ startup success.†At Cox, the relationship SMU holds with the city of Dallas has given business students immense opportunities to pursue internship opportunities and gain real-world experience.â€Å"For example, we purposefully do not teach many upper-level classes on Fridays, specifically to allow students to get substantial internship experiences during the academic year,† Bryan says. â€Å"If Cox was in a different location, we couldn’t give our students the same level of out-of-class opportunities.†The education at Cox is geared towards giving business students hands-on experience before they graduate into full-time jobs. Some examples? The school allows finance majors to manage a portion of SMU’s endowment, which is currently worth around $3 million. Senior marketing majors have the opportunity to take on a semester-long marketing project for Fox Sports. Additionally, students can compete in case study competitions, in areas such as entrepreneurship and real estate finance, across the nation.â€Å"Our goal is that when SMU Cox students graduate, they’ve got more experience than the competition from other schools,† Bryan says. â€Å"We couldn’t do all these things if we didn’t take advantage of our location.†See the below interview that includes innovations at Cox, admission insights, and how students can make a seamless transition into business school.Jim Bryan, associate dean of BBA programs at SMU Cox says parents should be involved, but let their student be the driver. Photo courtesy of Cox School of BusinessPQ: What are some cool and innovative things happening now at Cox and business education overall?Bryan: I really love what is happening in our finance department. The Alternative Assets Program has raised the level of our students whether they are in that program or not. Because so many of our finance majors want to get into this very competitive program, it’s m ade all our students work harder, thus challenging our professors to do even better, too. Again, I’d put these students up against any students in the country. What is especially gratifying is that we’re hearing the same feedback from companies that hire them when they graduate.I’m also very excited about our new partnership with the university that has resulted in the creation of an entrepreneurship incubator just off campus. The university has taken the position, and we concur, that entrepreneurship is not something that is only happening in the B-school. Our most successful projects are the ones that develop from the collaboration of students studying in different areas. Perhaps it’s the history major that has the idea, the business student who can put the plan into place, and the engineer who can design the prototype. When our students work together, that’s when the magic happens. Page 1 of 212 »

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Cell Phones And Our Health - 1542 Words

Cell phones and our Health People live in a world where new technology allows us to communicate more effectively. Wherever people go, they will see others using their phones and texting, emailing, chatting and tweeting to connect with others. According to Pew Research Center have shown that 90 % of American adults and 64 % of teens own cell phones. Whether people have a Smartphone, or a basic phone, eventualities are they check their phone, even when their cell phone does not ring or vibrate. People should ask themselves if they can leave their phones for one week. I think they may feel lost. Cell phones are changing the way that human interact with each other and changing their expectations for social communication. People who are using their cell phones more than is necessary, it will harm their health. Cell phones make people more vulnerable of getting sick. For example, people who are addicted to their cell phones, which will affect their health, and that by touching their phone too much during the day, which can easily effect users by germs. According to the study that was made in London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and Queen Mary, University of London showed that, 390 samples from mobile phones and hands [have germs]... 92% of phones and 82% of hands had bacteria on them.... 16% of hands and 16% of phones were found to harbor bacteria of a E. coli faecal origin....(Contamination of mobile phones). So, these bacteria can easily be moved from one toShow MoreRelatedCell Phone And Its Effect On Our Health1430 Words   |  6 Pagesdeveloped, the cell phone starts playing an important role in our life and it takes a large part of our time. About twenty years ago, Steve Jobs didn’t sell cell phone, Apple only represented the new fashion computer and of course, no one was using the cell phone as a social method. However, only twenty years later, cell phone technology exploded, Jobs becomes a legend, Apple become the most famous company because of its i-Phone. Cell phone now replace letter, television, book, computer, even our friendsRead MoreCell Phones And Its Effect On Our Health947 Words   |  4 Pagesproducts have been created and developed. Cell phones are one of the most important products in this age. The depth of the roles that cell phones play in our life which even we do not realize how vital it is. Normally, in order to get messages on time, people always take cell phones with them all the day. Cell phones became secretary, housekeeper and the best friend of humans. Unfortunately, according to some recent researches, cell phones may threaten our health. Then here comes the problem; is the bestRead MoreThe Impact of Cell Phone Radiation on Our Health3234 Words   |  13 Pages Cell phones represent a type of technology that has been around for more than over fifty years; it has only been recently that many people began to use cell phones as a major part of their everyday life. In the past cell phones were for business people to conduct their business, but in today’s society every one owns a cell phone. Cell phones are interesting, useful and also play a major role in our life’s bringing people closer and keeping in touch with one another. Most people do not know and understandRead MoreCan Cell Phones Harm our Health? Essay962 Words   |  4 Pagesthere dangerous radiation coming from our cell phones? Over the past few years there has been concern about our health when it comes to cell phones. Some people say that cell phones are dangerous because there is harmful radiation coming from them. Others say that cell phones are safe. However, cell phones emit 900-1800 MHz radiofrequency electromagnetic fields during calls which effects the protein structures in mice and humans (Eid 573). Therefore, cell phones can be dangerous to humans. Most studiesRead MoreEssay on The Effect of Cell Phones on Health1300 Words   |  6 Pagesconvenience to our lives. But, with that comfort and convenience, there often comes a price; and the technology of the cell phone proves no exception. Arguably, as a communication tool, the cell phone has no equal in how it has changed and affected our lives. Mostly, the effect has been positive in many ways. But, as it is with anything, overuse and abuse has brought out its dark side and the effect of unintended consequences. One of the unintended consequences of the cell phone is its effectRead MoreBad Effects of Cell Phone on Society856 Words   |  4 PagesBAD EFFECTS OF CELL PHONE ON SOCIETY A report by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) said there were about six billion cell phone subscriptions at the end of 2011-roughly one for 86 of every 100 people. Up to now, this number has continued to increase dramatically. This proves certainly that cell phone affects our society more strongly and more deeply in many aspects. No one can deny that cell phone is playing a very important and necessary role in our society because it not onlyRead MoreImportance Of Cell Phone Safety Essay1056 Words   |  5 PagesThe cell phone safety In spite of the fact that cell phones convey a few expediency and advantages to our lives, they additionally have some possibly unsafe impacts. Disclosure of cell phones has been one of the critical technological progress lately. A portion of these effects has contributed emphatically to our lives, yet at the same time, others have affected contrarily. The cell phones have had a noticeable effect on the social life of individuals. In any case, cell phones have accompaniedRead MoreCell Phone Use A Social Addiction939 Words   |  4 PagesToday’s society is a generation that is being raised on conveniences, and with this generation, cell phone use has exploded. Millions of people are obsessed with their cell phones and literally will not leave their house without it. People center everything they do around their cell phone. People are checking their text messages and social media day and night. They face time, tweet, Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat. Teens on their smartphones. Photo Credit Highwaystarz-Photography/iStock/GettyRead MoreNegative Effects Of Cell Phones1192 Words   |  5 PagesIn this day and age, more than half of the worlds population owns and uses cell phones. It is a well-known fact that cell phones emit low doses of radiation each time one is used, however, people tend to brush it off and not think about the long-term effects it may have. Its only small doses, what harm can come from it? That is a question us cell phone users may ask ourselves, yet never really look into or research. Maybe its because we choose not to know the actual truth and just focus on theRead MoreMobile Phone Use And Semen Quality870 Words   |  4 Pagestechnology based society has its perks, our society has endless amounts of information at our finger tips. But, the increase in cell phone usage has brought up many concerns relating to our health. When I think about these health concerns, I think about my mother lecturing me, â€Å"Katheryn Paige Leyde, take your phone out of your front pockets right now!† I would role my eyes, and pull my phone out of my pocket. I never really thought of technology as a health hazard, but my mother had read an article;

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history of algebra Essay - 1199 Words

Unlike geometry, algebra was not developed in Europe. Algebra was actually discovered (or developed) in the Arab countries along side geometry. Many mathematicians worked and developed the system of math to be known as the algebra of today. European countries did not obtain information on algebra until relatively later years of the 12th century. After algebra was discovered in Europe, mathematicians put the information to use in very remarkable ways. Also, algebraic and geometric ways of thinking were considered to be two separate parts of math and were not unified until the mid 17th century. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;The simplest forms of equations in algebra were actually discovered 2,200 years before Mohamed was born. Ahmes wrote†¦show more content†¦Omar was also a poet, philosopher, and astronomer. Omar’s works were translated in 1851, which was research on Euclid’s axioms. In the medieval period, he expanded on Khwarizmi’s and the Greeks mathematic works. He only worked with cubic equations only and focused on geometric and algebraic solutions of equations. In 1145AD, Al-Khwarizmi’s book was translated by Robert Chester, which made it possible for algebra to be introduced to Europe. After algebra was introduced in Europe, European mathematicians developed and expanded on algebra concepts. Even though algebra began in the Arabic countries, once European mathematicians obtained the information of algebra, they became the leaders of mathematical discoveries in the world (â€Å"Mathematics†). nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;From the period of 1145AD – the late 16th century, many mathematicians developed on algebraic concepts. However, it was not until the 1680’s that the most remarkable discoveries were made using algebra. Sir Isaac Newton was a very famous mathematician, English physicist, astronomer, philosopher, and alchemist. During his period of study, he used algebra to describe universal gravitation, develop the laws of motion, found orbits of the planets to be elliptical, discovered that light was made of particles, discovered the rate of cooling objects, and the binomial theorem. His most important works were the development of calculus. However, Newton did not work alone on creating theShow MoreRelatedThe History of Algebra916 Words   |  4 PagesThe History of Algebra The history of algebra has been around for several decades, this method of mathematics has been used during the beginning of time. The development of algebraic notation progressed through out three stages: the rhetorical stage, the syncopated stage, and the symbolic stage with which we are use to using in our daily usage of algebra. In ancient civilization math was used to help leaders to strategically form how their troops should be lined up for battle and help decideRead MoreThe History Of Algebra, How It Started, The Most Study Mathematical Subject Around The World1750 Words   |  7 PagesThis paper will show the history of algebra, how it started, and how it grew to be what it is today. It will show that it started it developments from the basic arithmetic operations that first were used to solve simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division and how it went incorporating more operations that permitted it to solve problems that involve abstract concepts. It will show that the recorded history begins mostly with the Egyptian papyrus, and how it went passing from one civilizationRead MorePlan-Do-Study-Act (Pdsa): the Deming Cycle906 Words   |  4 Pagesstudents to complete End-of-Course exams at the completion of English 1, Physical Science, U.S. History, and Algebra 1. Below you will find data from the 2009-2010 Algebra End-of-Course Exam. This exam is giving to students at the end of Algebra I CP and Algebra Tech II. The exam is given by the state and is twenty percent of the students’ final grade. The exam tests the South Carolina Algebra Standards. These standards include understanding functions, linear functions, and quadratic equationsRead MoreAnnual Islamic Symposium On The Arts And Sciences1042 Words   |  5 Pagesfigures met in the â€Å"House of Wisdom† in order to hold panel discussions and present displays on the advancements in the fields of Art and Science through the 15th century. Mathematics took center stage at the symposium with Al-Khwarizmi speaking about history of his field during the Arab empire and discussing major contributors to the field. Arabic Mathematics derived from the simple system of finger reckoning, using one s fingers in order to do basic forms of arithmetic. After some time â€Å"Finger reckoningRead More The Important Role of Mathematicians in Society Essay1653 Words   |  7 PagesImportant Role of Mathematicians in Society Thesis Statement This report will focus on the professional field of mathematicians. It will highlight some of the history, responsibilities, opportunities, and requirements of this occupation. Outline I.nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Introduction A.nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;A condensed history of mathematics B.nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Famous mathematicians and their accomplishments II.nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Body A.nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;OpportunitiesRead MoreThe Contributions Of Islamic Mathematicians1329 Words   |  6 Pagesmathematicians, with particular attention to The Father of Algebra and his contributions. As the reader will notice, the contributions of Islamic mathematicians reached the major branches of mathematics of their era by building upon the work of mathematicians of other cultures and leaving detailed records of their achievements and those of cultures past. Key-Words: - Al-khwarizmi, algebra, Khayyam, Al’Kashi. 1 Introduction Although world history books have documented the period of the Dark Ages inRead MoreEssay Boolean Logic1555 Words   |  7 PagesBoolean Logic Many of our computer databases utilize boolean logic as the basis of querying the database. Boolean logic has a much older history than most computer users imagine. It is helpful to understand the background and theory behind this concept, because this theory is the foundation on which contemporary computer science and information technology has been built. George Boole was an English mathematician. Born in 1815, he had no formal higher education, but had a natural gift for mathematicsRead MoreThe Common Core State Standards982 Words   |  4 Pagesat the Common Core State Standards’ stance on algebra, which is taught in the eighth grade. According to the Common Core, students who take algebra can become familiar with more complex math courses as they progress through school, and will have more knowledge when they enter college. However, the infographic points out that childhood brain development tends to plateau in the eighth grade, which makes it harder to learn and retain new concepts. Algebra at an early age can discourage students and leadRead MoreThe Benefits of a Liberal Arts Education797 Words   |  3 Pagesrelationships and similarities making innovations more attainable. The reason algebra is so conveniently practical in relation to science, for example, is because it was developed as a tool for science. Algebra, as it is, would not be existent were it not for Diophantus, the Greek scholar who developed algebra. He was likely aware what his studies meant for future generations, mathematical and scientific alike (OConnor, Robertson). Algebra serves society through science and its accomplishments. From nuclearRead MoreInstructional Sequence Is Useful For Teachers Of Secondary Mathematics Learners1485 Words   |  6 Pagesit is important for teachers to be aware of it and use it in their classroom. Description of Strategy Graduated instructional sequence is useful for teachers of secondary mathematics learners. Especially helpful for those having difficulty in algebra, this strategy is potentially more effective on those who struggle with conceptual understanding of numbers, symbols, and the relationship between them. However, it is useful for teaching fractions, percentages, geometry, and many other concepts as

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Advantages of Corporate Entities Free Sample for Students

Questions: 1.Can a Company be liable to its Own Shareholders under tort law? What happens if an Employee is also a Shareholder and/or a director? Explain with reference to relevant cases.2.What are the Principles the Court will apply in determining whether a Company is guilty? Answers: 1.Companys liability in tort: Limited liability is one of the biggest advantages of corporate entities because it permits the investors who invest in corporate entities to limit their losses. Doctrine of limited liability allowed the company to share risk between the company owners and other outside parties who interact with the company. The main aim of this doctrine is to partly externalize the losses so that external creditors also bear the losses. Usually, in the ordinary course of commerce it is acceptable in which corporate provide benefits by transferring risk, but this concept is less acceptable when cost of failure in business fall upon the claimants of Tort. Tort claimants receive very less opportunity to deal with the entity which causes injury to them, and because of this it is necessary that law provides them special protection. However, it is necessary that law gives preference to the problems faced by tort claimants by upholding the concept of limited liability at the cost of both tort doctrines rel ated to ordinary nature and the principles which provide full compensation for any wrong doing (Witting, 2009). Tort claimants include both insiders and outsiders such as employees, independent contractor, consumers, and third parties which also include those persons who get injured because of product fail. There are number of principles which are equally applicable in case of innocent employees for making the claims related to personal injury against the company. In case Briggs v James Hardie Co Pty Ltd (1989) 7 ACLC 841, 863-4, employees are considered as involuntary creditors in which they cannot bargain with the company in which they work because of lack of right. Claimants of tort are recognized as a vulnerable group, and this become a problem because of judgment proofing within the groups. After analyzing this practice LoPucki stated that system of tort liability does not succeeded. Claimants who deserved to be compensated are not compensated in such way, and this process is considered as inevitable and accelerating because companies which are not able to proof themselves will suffer competitive disadvantage. The advantage of externalize the liability would reduce the responsibility of company to take care while conducting their activities which results in injury cause to more persons. Therefore, it is necessary that law provide special care to tort claimants against the company (Anderson, 2009). Employee is shareholder or director: It might be possible that shareholder of the company also enjoy employment rights in the company which also includes right to be paid in case shareholder carried out the services for the company. In case Stack v Ajar-Tec Ltd, Court of Appeal confirmed this statement in their judgment given on 5th February 2015. This case is the landmark case for resolving the issue of employment status. Employment judge in this case stated that in case of limited company, shareholders of the company does not participates maximum in operations of the company but in some cases especially in small businesses shareholders actively participates in the operations of the company. Therefore, such shareholders of the company are also the employees of the company. In case of directors, they are not considered as employees of the company but they can become the employees if there is a express or implied contract of employment. There are some case laws which state the essential elements of employment contract, and these elements are stated below: Degree of control exercised by the employee on the worker of the company, and relationship between employee and worker. Obligation imposed on worker to carry out the work related to company personally. There must be mutual obligation in case of employer to provide work to the employee and in case of employee to perform the work offered by employer. There is one more case law Ready-Mixed Concrete v Minister of Pensions of 1968 in which judge stated the test in which wage or other remuneration is considered. If there is no consideration then there is no contract because without consideration contract is not valid (Scott, 2015). 2.Principles applied by the court in case of criminal liability: Unless provisions of the Corporation Act 2001 specifically imposed the criminal liability, the criminal obligation of company or corporation is determined by the principles of common law because company has distinct identity from its members and officers. Under the original provisions of common law, it is not possible to convict the company for any criminal offence. There is one more concept in common law which states that there would be no vicarious liability responsibility. In other words, a person is not liable for the criminal offence committed by other person. In 19th century exception related to vicarious liability principle was introduced and it also stated some statutory exceptions which directly relates with the principle against the criminal responsibility of the companies, and also state common law exception in case when the corporation does not carry out its statutory duty which result in common law nuisance. There are number of reasons which state that there is confusion related to principles which govern the primary corporate criminal liability, and principles of common criminal law does not relate with these foundations (Welsh, 1946). There is one principle of common law which becomes the hurdle to the imposition of primary corporate criminal liability other than the case of vicarious was that criminal law offences need evidence related to criminal fault and courts does not have any clear way to state that. In case of vicarious liability this is not the problem because this liability does not depend on fault. This problem was solved by the case Lennard's Carrying Co Ltd v. Asiatic Petroleum Co Ltd [1915] AC 705 with the opinion of Viscount Haldane. In this he identified the theory related to primary criminal liability for offence involves fault and this theory was known as the identification theory or alter ego theory of responsibility. As per Judge in this case, companies are just abstraction because they did not have their own mind, and it is directed by the person who for some reasons called agent but that agent is actually the directing mind of the corporation. That agent was actually important personality of the corporation. The main essence of this principle was that the company can be convicted under the criminal offence if there was proof of fault by attributing to the company the fault of an office, agent or employee of the company and they are standing in such relation with that company under which that person can be consider as the company for that purpose. This can be understand with the case laws DPP v. Kent and Sussex Contractors [1944] KB 146, ICR Haulage Ltd [1944] KB 551, and Moore v. I. Bresler [1944] 2 All ER 515. Statement made by judge for this doctrine is as follows: Company directly or indirectly linked with the human body. Company has brain and nerve centre which control the operations of the company, and it also have hands for the purpose of holding tools and it act as per the directions of its centre. There are number of peoples named as agent and servant in the company, and they only act as the hands in the company who just performed the work and they are not the mind and will of the company. Others peoples are directors and mangers of the company who are considered as mind and will of the company and they control the operations of the company. The state of mind of these mangers is considered as state of mind of the company also and law treats them in similar manner. His statement was given under case law HL Bolton (Engineering) Co. Ltd. v. T.J. Graham Sons Ltd. [1957] 1QB 159 at 172. There are some acts which directly impose the criminal liability on corporation and their agents such as The New South Wales Environmental Offences and Penalties Act 1989 in which government put code of environmental criminal and quasi criminal regulations on corporations (Goode, n.d.). Reference: Anderson, H. (2009). Piercing the Veil on Corporate Groups in Australia: The Case for Reform. Melbourne University Law Review, Volume 33, Pp- 337-340. Briggs v James Hardie Co Pty Ltd (1989) 7 ACLC 841, 863-4. DPP v. Kent and Sussex Contractors [1944] KB 146. Goode, M. CORPORATE CRIMINAL LIABILITY. Available at: Accessed on 30th March 2017. HL Bolton (Engineering) Co. Ltd. v. T.J. Graham Sons Ltd. [1957] 1QB 159 at 172. ICR Haulage Ltd [1944] KB 55. Lennard's Carrying Co Ltd v. Asiatic Petroleum Co Ltd [1915] AC 705. Moore v. I. Bresler [1944] 2 All ER 515. Ready-Mixed Concrete v Minister of Pensions of 1968. Scott, C. (2015). When is a shareholder also an employee and entitled to pay. Available at: Accessed on 30th March 2017. Stack v Ajar-Tec Ltd [2015] EWCA Civ 46. Welsh, R. (1946) .The criminal liability of corporations. Law Quarterly Review, volume 62, Pp- 345. Witting, C. (2009). Liability for Corporate Wrongs. The University of Queensland Law Journal, Volume 28(1), Pp- 114-121.

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NAME Essays (648 words) - Fiction, Beekeeping, Animal Migration

NAME INSTRUCTOR COURSE DATE In the opening section of What the Crow Said, neighborhood excellence, Vera Lang, is impregnated by a swarm of honey bees. Impregnated. Swarm of honey bees. In any event Kroetsch begins the way he expects to proceed. Vera's pregnancy is however the first of numerous odd occasions in the Municipality of Bigknife, arranged on the outskirt of Saskatchewan and Alberta, where Canadian prairies meet and converge with Kroetschian bewilderness. Bigknife highlights, in addition to other things, a loquacious, foulness heaving crow; an improvised card amusement that keeps going 151 days; a rash of odd pregnancies; a neighborhood newspaperman who can discontinuously "recollect" the future; an unnaturally drawn out winter; and a war pronounced by the men of Bigknife against the sky. Kroetsch presents a significant thrown of characters. They're extensively outlined, however that is not a deformitythat is essentially the sort of novel it is. It's not a perpetually subsiding corridor of mirrors, with Marquez-like cognizance as its protest. Rather it's a crazy embroidered artwork, two measurements brimming with impregnation, delight, and poop, and bunches of other - actions other than. That is the manner by which What the Crow Said, however just short, abounds with characters and floods with episode. Kroetsch rushes the peruser past the general population and happenings of Bigknife, archiving epic strangeness in rundown sentences that are perfect works of art of comic pressure. ( Bernhardt , pg.15) The characters are reasonably to one side. There's the region's cleric, Father Basil, who's under the inquisitive impression that Bigknife's stuck in perpetual winter in light of the fact that "the world needs adequate diffusive compel to keep up its roundness". At that point there's Martin Lang, the no-account spouse of Tiddy. He stops to death at an early stage, however discontinuously frequents the region as an apparition. Tiddy, in the meantime , brings up six little girlsVera, Gertrude, Rose, Anna-Marie, Rita, and Cathywho are most prominent for the peculiar way of their pregnancies. There's additionally John Skandl, the nearby ice-cutter, who trumps equals in the journey for the widowed Tiddy's turn in marriage by building a beacon made of ice. Skandl's central opponent, and the nearest thing to a hero in What the Crow Said, is Gus Leibhaber, the editorial manager and printer of the nearby cloth, the Big Indian Signal. Leib's persuaded that Gutenberg's innovation of the printing press has made memory outdated. Probably, that is the reason he recalls the future, yet has just a fumbly get a handle on the past. ( Oppenheim , pg.23) There's such a great amount to adore about this novelthe glad vitality of its absurdity and development; its relish for words, stories, and jokes; the jar of its intermittent savageries; and the way it adjusts the messiness of its cleverness with the height of its keenness. The end section is a visit de constrain. The portrayal clicks into current state as the storyteller watches the Lang cultivate, noticing the doings of character after character. Fortresses are broken when the male and female principals are at long last joined together. In Tiddy's bed, man and lady, over a significant time span, sex and passing, body and mind, dialect and reality at last meet up, however the novel's last sentence portrays hurting, powerful partition. Conjurer, craftsman, and director, Kroetsch brings his story's dissimilar components together, catching minutes, recollections, and subjects, and meshing them into a riveted, taking off ensemble of life. Anything this straight to the point and clearthis brimming with raving exaggeration, rambunctious joy, and bounteous crappingwill essentially repulse a few peruses . WORK CITED Bernhardt, Julie, et al. "Prespecified dose-response analysis for A Very Early Rehabilitation Trial (AVERT)." Neurology 86.23 (2016): 2138-2145. Oppenheim, Joanne. "Not Now!" Said the Cow . iPicturebooks , 2016.

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Themes in Romantic Literature Essays

Themes in Romantic Literature Essays Themes in Romantic Literature Paper Themes in Romantic Literature Paper Romantic Period Literary Analysis Paper Romantic Poetry was written around common themes; themes that are evident In each piece of work. Some of the themes found in romantic poetry are: using nature as an inspiration or a basis for direction, writing as the author experienced the event or location personally, and describing past events or civilizations to give a sense of aged poetry. The themes arent always clearly evident, some have to be rigorously deciphered through others. The most clearly evident theme would be using spots In time. In the poem Ode On A Grecian urn, the entire poem Is about an urn which ells a story of a past civilization, and the story has a lesson that remembering a past experience can be sweeter than living It. The past collocation Is referring to a spot In time In which times were better and the person who created the urn Is creating a way to remember and tell other people about a good time In the past. He Isnt talking about the past in general, but a singular event or moment. Wealth the lesson It teaches, the writer isnt saying that he believes your entire past is sweet to remember, but a single event is sweeter to remember than to live it. The poem Lines Composed a Few Miles Above Itinerant Abbey also clearly demonstrates this theme, and it is demonstrated in two different interpretations of the phrase spots in Time. The first way in which this poem demonstrates this theme would be how the author is talking of a physical place at a certain time. How the presence at this place at the time he is talking about, would have been a great time for someone. The other interpretation would be how this time, or spot, in authors life is better to remember than the way he actually lived it. Within Commanding the entire poem is encapsulated thin the theme of using spots in time to give a sense of the ancient. A man speaks for a good deal of the poem in how he will live on forever with his possessions, and how time is not an enemy of his, which in his faded wisdom can be controlled and set as a servant of his memories. Memories, which he believes only time will help to live, but contrary to his knowledge, the memories of him will fade sooner than he would have wished, much sooner. In the poem She Walks In Beauty, the writer has clearly demonstrated the theme of using personal experience. The author wrote about a lady that he had seen earlier in his life. A personal experience, In which he explains in great detail. The experience he Is talking about Is and will be fresh In his mind for a great deal of time. The author also uses everyday objects to help appeal to the reader by making the girl and surrounding as familiar as possible. The objects are supposed to be familiar to all readers, as objects that are easy to picture mentally and to augment In the way that he describes. Lines Composed A Few Males Above Itinerant Abbey also host s a great example of the theme of personal experience. The writer at one time visited this abbey he Is describing. He uses his personal experience to more vividly describe the surroundings, even though he hasnt been to the abbey In several years. He gives descriptions that only personal experiences can foster. Experiences that the writer wishes to never forget, but he realizes that every day the memories start to become more and more vague. In the poems Kudus Nan Ana smallness, It Is nard, out possible to Tina evidence AT ten theme using nature as a guide. Commanding hides the theme behind many other of interpreting it. The poem is about how naturally his possessions could be immortal hill; he, himself or his image will quickly be forgotten. It is nature that creates this scenario of elapsed fading. Kabul Khan has nature incorporated within it a little more evident than Commanding. In the poem there is a dome that symbolizes natures beauty and power. He, Coleridge calls this pleasure dome, a sunny dome with caves of ice. Sunny obviously standing for natures beauty, which can quickly fade, and the caves of ice which stand for natures power and harshness. The ice is a power and majestic object, which has great strength and power, two qualities that Coleridge was ring to emphasize through imagery and using nature as a guide. She Walks in Beauty has the clearest and most evident use of the theme, nature as an inspiration. The poem is about a lady that the writer is obsessed with. The writer uses natural events and actual things as ways to compare her beauty. As in nature he said that like nature no lady is perfect, and she is as close to perfect that he has found. Nature is known to have its imperfections and impurities, She Walks in Beauty uses a clear example of this to explain a quite beautiful lady.

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Homicides are most often committed with guns Essay

Homicides are most often committed with guns - Essay Example It was established that the person had chosen the handgun to wield power, because of its availability and ease of access. Although, most of the firearms owned by the people are long guns, all the same, most homicides are committed with handguns, rather than long guns. Handguns are the most preferred weapons in homicides and homicide and handgun ownership are associated with each other. A study conducted in Seattle and Vancouver revealed that handguns are frequently used in homicides. These two cities have similar demographic characteristics, but the number of handguns owned in Seattle, is much higher than that in Vancouver. Not surprisingly, the chances of being killed are five times more in Seattle than in Vancouver. Per se, owning a handgun is very common in the US (Iadicola & Shupe, 2003. Pp. 106 – 107). Handgun ownership has been on the increase, since 1960. The reasons for this trend had been identified as rapid urbanization, increase in new households and wealth. People who already owned guns had purchased even more guns. In addition, several people had chosen to own guns in response to the growing crime in the society. In many incidents, people who previously did not have guns had purchased guns to feel secure from crime. Thus, a higher number of handguns were purchased for self – defense reasons. Some argue that there is a positive association between gun ownership and crime rates. Interestingly, the crime rates had a greater influence on the increase in gun ownership, whereas the latter had not influenced the former in any way (Kleck, 1991). On the other hand, long guns are owned for recreational purposes by most of their owners. They are seldom used in crimes. Handgun ownership has increased rapidly, and this has brought about an increase in crime rate. The increase in such ownership was found to be less among the public, who were nonviolent and non-criminals. Moreover, criminals and violent people were unreported and unrepresented in surveys